Electric Bikes Emerging Quickly

I’ve noticed there are a lot of electric scooters and bicycles in my city.

I believe they are more efficient than cars because they are so much lighter and travel so much slower.

Also, they can be peddled. Some even have regenerative braking. So if you were coasting down a big hill you could be charging your batteries instead of using your brakes.

Make Magazine just reported on an electric Tron style bike.

The claim is that it has a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 100 miles. I checked their site and couldn’t easily find any technical specs. So I sent them a note.

I just heard about your Tron bike over at Makezine.com and am wondering about the details of it’s range. How many mAH of storage is in the battery system? What is the voltage of the battery system? Are there any details of the motor and related electrical available? I’m also curious about the charge time at 120V and the how many amps it draws from a well socket. Thanks in advance!