PickShareOttawa begining

My friend Ginnig is involved with starting a movement to collect potentially wasted food and can it. It looks like a great way to be involved with your community and make a difference.

Pick Share Ottawa (PSO) is a volunteer-driven group who goes to homeowners registered with PSO and collects excess fruit that would otherwise become wasted and spoiled during the harvest season. The rescued fruit would then be distributed equally among the volunteers, charitable organizations and the homeowners. This promotes sustainability and community and I am hoping in the long run this operation can expand into providing courses on canning, jams, making fresh pressed apple juice and who know what else!! Toronto has a very successful model called “Not Far From The Tree” and Edmonton’s version is called “Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton”.

There are 3 easy ways to participate:

1. Offer services as a picker

2. Offer any fruit that you may have growing in your yard

3. By passing this on to anyone you might know who would be interested in any of the above