1 comment for “Stability of Earth

  1. Maiara
    May 14, 2014 at 7:45 am

    Marc, I agree with you that regulations are ndeeed in other to ensure the security of the nuclear plants, but I think that this is not the moment to write does rules.It is like trying to prepare a meal just after you have had lunch. As you were full when you had prepared the meal you wil be stil hungry after dinner.If governments start to regulate now, they will put too much restrictive policies, and I think thet it can be a problem in the long run.What we have to think, is that things have been donne in the wrong way, and that’s the point. When someone does something, he has to do it conciently and knowing exactly what he is doing.If you see the photo, the plant is nex to the see, and Japan is a land of tsunamis

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